I think there are monkey's living in this house!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Last Sunday, David and I did an 8K at McAllister Park to benefit the Wounded Warrior project. An 8k is about 4.8 miles.
For those who live in San Antonio, you know that there was a downpour all morning.

Yes, we still ran in it.
No they did not delay the start time.

We were literally running through shin-deep puddles and places where the water just flowed like a river over the path. Pretty crazy. Did I mention this was my first organized race ever?

Yep, here's the proof. I was going to take pictures at the race, but I realized after we were already on our way, that the batteries were dead.
So this is us. After the race, completely soaked.

But we still had a good time and we want to do more races together. It was fun and nice to do it together.