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Monday, September 24, 2012

Art Group

I'm not much of an artist. In fact, I pretty much do not do any form of art ever. Trust me... you're welcome!

But I started realizing that even though art really isn't my "thing" I should at least give Aaron the opportunity to see if he likes it. I saw a couple of blogs where moms would get together with their kids and do art together and that seemed like a really good idea. And I know *lots* of other moms with kids the same age as Aaron. So we had our first meeting last week and it went pretty well! Scratch that.. for the number of kids we had working with paint and other messy things, it went awesome! I think everyone had fun : )

Everyone's art drying on the clothes line

I'm not sure, but I think Aaron may have won the who-can-get-the-most-paint-on-their-face contest : )

The final products. These are Aaron's pictures from the other day. The blue one is tempura paint (there were other colors, but I guess he really liked the blue)and it folded over while it was drying. The orange, red, and yellow one is something called "paint dough" that I made. I saw that project go differently in my head, but pretty much all the kids just made like a lake of paint, which took about 2 days to dry. oh well, they enjoyed it. The other picture is water-colors.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Remember the art classes you used to take at FIA?