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Monday, September 24, 2012

My project

This week I'm going to start doing "school" with Aaron. We're basically just going to go through the alphabet, make sure he knows all of the letters, work on counting, and do lots of read-alouds. I saw this tutorial a long time ago and bookmarked it for just this reason. I thought it would be good for him to have something in his hands he can play with, feel, and squeeze when we're talking about the different letters.

This is what I've completed so far

Obviously I have a lot more to do, but we're going at a slow pace through the alphabet (one letter a week), so I have lots of time to finish, and they don't take that long to do.

One thing about the tutorial... I am fairly sewing illiterate (or I just pick projects that are beyond my skill level, not sure which it is) and this was a super easy project! The only thing I did differently was I made my letters a lot bigger than the creators, about twice as big, but it was easy to make the pattern bigger. She also puts a magnet in each letter, but I didn't do that 1) because I didn't feel like it, and 2) because I was pretty sure Jonas would find a way to eat them.

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